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Authentic & innovative approach to Sports Management & Marketing

Founded in 2012, Levelup Sports Inc, and Levelup Branding is a full-service sports management and marketing agency located in the suburbs of Chicago, IL.

Inspired to uplift and empower all within the sports industry. Levelup Sports us derived from a personal athletic background and passion, while offering others a resourceful platform to the next level.   

The Levelup branches represents and manages some of the worlds well traveled and respected athletes, in addition to hosting dozens of live events and branded experiences. We take pride in our versatility, adaptability and knowledge across a multitude of industries.

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Representation & Management 

Representation & Management

Client Representation & Management. 

Your Representation Matters

Levelup Sports Inc. welcomes hardworking, & committed athletes and sports professionals from around the global, including those within (American) Football, Men's Basketball, Women's Basketball, MMA, Extreme Winter sports, and golf. The Levelup community represents athletes from all walks of life, and competitive level. The Levelup community is like a family. Representation from Levelup Sports Inc. differs from other sports agencies. It is an honor to represent each client through their professional sports career journey. 

We are a small sports agency that seeks out clients that match the Levelup Sports Inc business morals, and those within the Levelup community. The Levelup Sports Inc. is a firm believer in transparency, respect, kindness, compassion, motivation, nd committed to their professional sports career journey. The sports industry is no to be taken lightly, whether that is the business side of sports, or the athletic side. The sports industry is an investment.. It is an investment of your time. It is an investment of your 'whole' dedication - not just to show up and perform. The dedication that is needed as a sports professional should be emulated in the game, in the locker room, in the community, at home, in the kitchen, at the gym and even at work. The required level of dedication cares for their body from the inside to the outside. The investment required is not always monetary, rather it will come from within, and based around our personal beliefs, morals and characteristics. That said, the level Representation (involvement) is determined by the needs of each client, and no matter the level of services or a clients professional stature, each client will receive 


The services the Levelup Sports Inc. offers their clients will include but is not limited to; Representation Contract Negotiation/Advisory, Marketing and Brand Partnerships, Personal Branding,  Health, Wellness & Fitness Advice, in addition to including Legal Advisory & Financial Guidance and Career Development and Life Planning. 


Let's Levelup your Representation

Brand Management


Collagen Brand
Personal Branding
Protein supplement
GHU Preworkout
CBD gummies

We tell your brands story by creating an emotional connection to your audience through unique storytelling methods. 


Levelup Branding builds better brands for our clients by creating a plan of action for growth; it starts with a business strategy, brand development and support for marketing strategies


Our Personal Branding strategies tells your story to your fans, followers and leagues. Everyone has their own story, and how they want to be perceived. We are here to help be your voice & tell your Brand Story. 


Product Development

Entrepreneurial Development

Bring your Idea to Life

Offering our entrpenuer clients a turn-key service in the development of business endevours for long-term career success, or community in Your idea, with a little assistance on bringing it to market by Consulting with Levelup Sports Inc.


We offer a full turn-key service to bring your idea to reality, including new business

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Event Management

Event success....


As event management expertise, LevelUp offers all event partners their event planning services as full turn-key approach, that drives event awareness, boosts sales, while developing successful business strategies and cultivating long lasting business relationships. 

Each event is unique in it's details, purpose and expectations, and so is the Event Management Plan, which will outline the process needed to ensure event success. Event Planning allocates the key components in the pre-event, post-event and event day operations; including market research, business essentials, personnel responsibilities, budgeting, time management, in addition to proposing multiple financial partnerships through sponsorship investments or fundraising programs. 


Contact us to start Planning you Next Event

Event Management


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